Established in 1997, Bluewater Marine and Dock Specialties, Inc. is one of the premiere dock manufacturers in the Pacific Basin and beyond, specializing in the design, fabrication, and installation of aluminum floating dock systems, fixed piers, and gangways. We offer both commercial and residential dock systems, from large-scale marinas to single residential docks.

Our low maintenance, flexible, modular designs include custom proprietary aluminum extrusions, stainless steel hardware, and other recyclable materials. All products in our range are fully engineered by our experienced team of licensed civil and structural engineers, ADA compliant (where applicable), and designed to meet site-specific environmental conditions. All of our dock systems are fabricated at our facilities and shipped to site, ready for installation.

In 2001, Bluewater Marine fabricated and installed 120 boat slips at the Waikiki Yacht Club. This project was the first aluminum floating dock system ever installed in the state of Hawaii. Following the success of the Waikiki Yacht Club Project, we have gone on to develop a portfolio of innovative projects throughout Hawaii, California, Micronesia, Philippines, and beyond.

Bluewater Marine implements projects globally, with fabrication facilities in Hawaii, California and North Carolina.

Engineering & Design

Bluewater Marine & Dock Specialties is designed to be a "One-Stop-Shop." We are able to start your project from the beginning and see it through, all the way to the end. This means we are able to develop an engineered design to meet your needs, permit the project ourselves, and build it


Bluewater Marine & Dock Specialties collaborates with qualified and experienced engineering and architectural firms to produce projects that can be permitted and built. BWM manages the engineering & design process, which includes collecting all relevant information through job site visits, surveys, field data collection, transforming to constructible, and permissible designs.

Engineering Experience You Can Count On

Rather than relying on two or more different contractors or companies to complete your marine project, why not trust a singular resource that can complete every aspect of the project from start to finish?

Bluewater Marine & Dock Specialties has a solid history of project execution founded on a dedicated Project Management Philosophy, driving a quality finished product through the schedule, resources, and safety requirements on all project

  • Our Project Execution Process Includes:
  • Developing a sound work plan
  • Planning and scheduling of resources
  • Procurement of materials
  • Comprehensive construction execution
  • Quality assurance and compliance of all regulatory compliance
  • Completion of final construction for another satisfied customer

Jim Booth, Founder and President