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Bluewater Marine & Dock Specialties offers quality craftsmanship and premium materials for anyone interested in building out their private or public marina. As a leading dock construction firm founded in 1997, our mission is to make sure everyone has a reliable, durable, and beautiful boat dock system.

We’re known for the classic elegance of our timber floating docks. This economical alternative to aluminum gives a classic look and feel to which traditionalists are drawn and can be applied to all residential and commercial harbors. Learn more about this floating dock option and contact us now to get started!


Experience the Beauty of Timber Dock Systems

Timber floating docks stand out for their timeless elegance and natural appeal, bringing a touch of charm to any waterfront property. This dock design option offers a warmer aesthetic, blending seamlessly with marine surroundings and creating a picturesque setting for leisure or commercial use.

In addition to its aesthetic superiority, this style of boat pier or harbor dock is renowned for its exceptional durability and sustainability. Our skilled team uses premium timber materials that are treated to withstand harsh environmental conditions, ensuring longevity and minimal maintenance requirements.


Benefits of Bluewater Marine Floating Docks

Our manufacturing process can accommodate both commercial and residential options, from large-scale marinas to single residential docks. Our low-maintenance, flexible, modular designs include stainless steel hardware, custom proprietary extrusions, and recyclable materials. All our dock systems are ADA-compliant; fully engineered by an experienced team of licensed civil and structural engineers; and designed to meet site-specific environmental conditions. You can expect your timber floating dock to be fabricated at our facilities and shipped to the site, ready for installation.


Timber Floating Docks v. Aluminum Docks

Timber docks and aluminum docks each offer distinct advantages and considerations to consider when choosing the right dock system for your waterfront property. While aluminum docks are prized for their durability, they can typically have a higher initial cost and an industrial appearance, lacking the traditional warmth of timber docks. Contact our team to discuss which option is best for the final result you’re looking for!

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Experience the unparalleled quality and practicality of timber floating docks with Bluewater Marine & Dock Specialties. Elevate your waterfront property with a pier or harbor that combines aesthetics, durability, and sustainability in perfect harmony.

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