Aluminum Floating Docks

The strongest and most stable aluminum dock system on the market today, the Bluewater Marine Aluminum Dock System offers custom engineered, corrosion resistant, durable hinged modular frames, which provide unparalleled flexibility of design and structural integrity. The backbone of the Bluewater Marine Dock System is its heavy-duty, 6000 series marine grade, welded aluminum frame. With multiple decking, freeboard, and anchoring options, as well as removable utility trough panels and adjustable cleat locations, Bluewater Marine’s floating docks are flexible, easy to install, and low maintenance, making them the ideal choice for your commercial marina or residential dock.

We offer both commercial and residential options, from large-scale marinas to single residential docks. Our low maintenance, flexible, modular designs include stainless steel hardware, custom proprietary extrusions, and recyclable materials. All products in our range are fully engineered by our experienced team of licensed civil and structural engineers, ADA compliant, and designed to meet site-specific environmental conditions. All of our dock systems are fabricated at our facilities and shipped to site, ready for installation.